It all began with four brothers from Baakline, a historic town in the Chouf District in Mount Lebanon. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s when Baakline was only a village, their favorite part of the week was walking along the mountain trail to Baakline’s enchanting river – unreachable by cars back then. They would camp, swim, and have small, sweet family picnics by the riverside in the land with fruit orchards owned and developed by their late father. These precious moments in what they called ‘Paradise’ became everlasting memories, and their common dream was to share these wonderful times with their children one day.

As the years went by, and the road could carry cars, other riverside landowners accessed and invaded nature’s beauty. While the brothers applied strict measures to preserve the environment within their land, others were unfortunately cutting trees, illegally fishing, and polluting the surrounding areas. Many landowners were opening restaurants by the riverside or providing space and renting out chairs and tables for visitors who wished to spend a day out in nature, but very few showed any concern for nature’s wellbeing.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015, a photo of the brothers’ beautifully preserved land, Paradise, was posted on social media by Live Love Lebanon. This created a chain of interest and a flood of phone calls. People wanted to visit and see that magical, heavenly land with their own eyes.

It was time to bring that childhood dream to life. The result was the one and only Paradise. Officially open in 2016, Paradise today lives up to its name, a true guardian of the land, welcoming visitors who wish to unwind in nature’s arms, savor a special meal, or bask in the glory of the sun while admiring mother nature’s unspoiled beauty.